How to Free Yourself From Fertility Myths

Pregnancy Can Be Difficult For Some

Although many couples are able to get pregnant without having to think about
how it’s best done, the road to pregnancy can be difficult for some, and the
search for helpful fertility information can often lead down a dark and winding
road. The best way to find reliable advice is to learn more about the various
myths and lies that are perpetuated so you’ll know to steer clear of sources
that present these misconceptions as correct.

When is the Best Day for Pregnancy

It is often said that having sex two weeks after your period ends will give
you a better chance of becoming pregnant. Although this is in fact true for
women who have perfect, 28-day menstrual cycles, most women’s bodies have
longer, shorter or simply irregular cycles, which completely changes the best
day for pregnancy. Women who would like to find out more about the days that
they are most fertile should purchase an inexpensive at-home test, which will
guarantee personalized results.

Preparation for Pregnancy is Key

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