The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Fitness in Pregnancy

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Staying Fit and in Shape During Pregnancy

Staying fit and in shape during pregnancy has many perks ““ from reducing your risk of complications to relieving your pregnancy aches and pains. Exercising can also shorten your labor and make it progress more quickly. Fitness in pregnancy is crucial to having a healthier, smoother pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercise

These are the top five most commonly asked questions about fitness in pregnancy:

1. Is Exercising in Pregnancy Safe?

For most pregnant women, exercising is a safe way to stay fit and feel great during pregnancy. (Exercising is typically not recommended for women who are at high risk for pregnancy complications.) Women who are having regular, low-risk pregnancies are often encouraged to exercise. The safest exercises for pregnant women include walking, low-impact aerobics, swimming, prenatal yoga and stretching. You’ll want to avoid any high-risk sports that put you in danger of falling or hurting yourself ““ like riding on a real bicycle, horseback riding, snowboarding, water-skiing, and contact sports.

When you’re pregnant, always get your doctor’s OK before you start any fitness regiment.

2. How Do I Know if I’m Exercising Too Much During Pregnancy?

Exercise is a healthy part of your fitness regiment, but you can overdo it. You’ll want to readjust your routine if you aren’t gaining enough weight, your pregnancy is not progressing normally, your energy levels have dropped dramatically and you’re struggling with excessive fatigue. Never overexert yourself. That’s not healthy for you or your baby. Pay attention to what your body is telling you during and after you work out. If you are super exhausted and very sore, you should probably take it down a notch.

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