How to Find Support During an Unexpected Pregnancy

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Women Facing Unexpected Pregnancy May Feel Shock

A woman facing an unexpected pregnancy may feel scared, overwhelmed or shocked. These types of feelings can cause the woman to feel guilty or ashamed, which may lead to her keeping the pregnancy a secret. The truth is many expectant mothers, even those who have planned the pregnancy, have mixed emotions at some point during their pregnancy. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you should become aware of all the options you have and fully understand how each decision you make will affect your life.

Confide in Someone

Whether you are in a committed relationship or just casually dating someone, it is important to let that person know about the pregnancy. You should have an honest discussion with your partner, where you both share your feelings about the pregnancy and make a decision together. It is crucial that both partners are able to become informed of the options available to them and come to an agreement together. If you find that your spouse is not supportive or disagrees with your decision, it can be beneficial to find another person that you both can talk to

The person a woman confides in could be anyone whom she trusts including a close friend, family member or pastor. Having someone who you can talk to openly and will be there to listen is important to helping you come to a decision. Just being able to voice your feelings and talk through the emotions you are experiencing can greatly help you come to terms with the pregnancy and get over the initial shock.

Pregnancy Counseling

Numerous centers and clinics offer pregnancy counseling. You may be able to find a pregnancy counselor at a Planned Parenthood, crisis pregnancy center or through your local hospital. Some centers do have a religious focus, while some will not. If you feel uncomfortable with the counselor, look for another one. You should find someone you can talk to openly about your feelings without being swayed to make a decision. Usually, a consultation will start with the counselor asking you questions about you and the family you reside with. They may ask questions about your living arrangements, your spouse or your career, as a way to better understand your situation. They will then discuss your feelings about the pregnancy and inform you of your options.

If cannot find a pregnancy counselor in your area or you do not feel happy with the ones available to you, contact a professional therapist. While a therapist may not be specifically trained in unplanned pregnancies, he or she could help you process your feelings and emotions regarding the pregnancy.

Connect With Other Women

The Internet provides numerous opportunities for a woman to connect with others in a similar situation. Search for unplanned pregnancy support online. Talk with other women who have been in your situation and learn how the decisions they made affected their lives.

Connect With Yourself

A support system is important, but you also have to come to terms with the pregnancy for yourself. Try keeping a journal and writing down how you feel as a way to process your emotions and feelings during this time.

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