3 Effective Means To Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby

Will It Be A Boy Or A Girl?

No, eating hot dogs while trying to conceive will not guarantee a boy nor will eating Cheerio’s sway genetics enough to give you a girl. Despite what you may eat or wear, how you walk or sleep, the chances of getting a boy or a girl are still pretty much even.

As modern science progresses, pre-planning the gender of your child becomes more feasible. There are already procedures available that can sway the gender outcome of your child. If you’re already undergoing fertility treatments then this may be an option for you. Otherwise, they are an expensive and often invasive way to go about getting your gender preference.

boy or girl?

If you’re one of the many mother’s or couples who want to find out the sex of the baby before it is born, there are at least three ways this can be done:

1) Ultrasound
An ultrasound is the most common way of revealing the sex of your baby. Your doctor may schedule a routine ultrasound around 20 to 28 weeks of your pregnancy and if so then the technician may be able to determine if it is a boy or a girl. Insurance doesn’t always cover the charge of finding out the sex of the baby and the procedure can cost around $300.00. Most doctors, however, know how and when to schedule the ultra sound so that finding out the sex of the baby is an added benefit. Just keep in mind that the baby may not always cooperate and the technician can sometimes be wrong.

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