Top 5 Common and Useful Fertility Aids

3) OvWatch: Estimated to be 66% more effective than a traditional stick-based ovulation prediction test, the OvWatch is a product that uses state of the art technology to help women estimate just when they will be most fertile. Simply put it on before bed and allow the OvWatch to work while you sleep. When you awake in the morning, the OvWatch will be able to tell you when you’ll be the most fertile.

Top 5 Common and Useful Fertility Aids

4) Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor: A trusted brand in the pregnancy prediction field, the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor tracks two hormones and allows you see when your two peak fertility days are. This device can also tell you the following five days after ovulation that you’re highly fertile will be as well.

5) Ova Cue Fertility Monitor: This ovulation predictor boasts the ability to estimate your ovulation up to a week in advance. Perfect for women with both regular and irregular cycles, the Ova Cue uses saliva-based testing to help to predict just when your most fertile times are to help increase your chance of conceiving.

For many women, becoming pregnant can be a complex process. However, using the technology of the number of products that are offered on the market today can help couples take the stress out of conceiving, and can assist them in successfully conceiving.

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