Top 5 Common and Useful Fertility Aids

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Conceiving can be a Difficult Task

For many women, conceiving can prove to be a very difficult task. Whether it is because of medical issues, a lack of fertility in yourself or your partner, or your timing is just off, the inability to get pregnant can be very emotional. While it may seem as though there is simply nothing you can do short of visiting a fertility specialist to help you become pregnant, the fact is that there are things you can do at home to help you conceive.

Top 5 Common and Useful Fertility Aids

If you are having difficulty conceiving, then it is important to know when during your cycle you’re the most fertile. Having intercourse while you’re ovulating will give you the best possible chance of conceiving. The following are just some of the non-invasive product aids available that allow women to determine when they are most fertile.

1) CycleBeads: Women enjoy not only the simplicity of this product, but also the fact that they are all-natural and require no medication. Using CycleBeads, women are able to track their cycle by moving a small ring over a string of beads as each day passes. This allows for an effective visual aid and has been proven over 95% effective.

2) Fertile Focus: This product is a favorite of many women. It’s incredibly simple to use and drug-free. To use, simply put a bit of saliva onto the lens of the product. Once dried, the Fertile Focus will be able to read estrogen hormones in your body and predict ovulation a number of days in advance.

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