3 Tips to Feel Confident and Sexy Throughout Your Pregnancy

Sexy and Pregnant? Yes!

When you’re heavily pregnant, sexy is probably the last thing you feel. But
feeling good about yourself throughout your pregnancy is important, and you
shouldn’t let the changes that your body is going through get you down. Here are
a few tips to keep your self-confidence high throughout the duration of your

1. Buy maternity clothes. When you’re dressed in clothes that are
comfortable, fit well and look good, you can’t help feeling good about yourself.
Maternity stores specialize in making clothes that flatter your pregnant body,
so there’s no excuse for wearing a pair of jeans with a rubber band securing the

2. Stay active. It’s tempting to just lay around on the couch, but getting a
little exercise
can be a real mood lifter – and it’ll help you get back in shape
quickly after your baby is born. Take the dog for a walk, go for a leisurely
stroll or take a pregnancy yoga class.

3. Don’t forget about your beauty routine. Don’t give up on your hair and
makeup just because you’re expecting. You can still look beautiful!

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