Fashion Tips For Every Trimester

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Expecting Fashionista: Ita��s time to get serious about your pregnancy style! The arrival of your bump marked the end to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. You don’t need to sacrifice your style or bank balance. You need to shop smart! Check out our trimester-specific tips.


Your second trimester is the perfect time to show off your newfound curves! Before you go shopping, come up with a game plan.

  • To Thine Own Self Be True: Dona��t abandon your personal style because youa��re pregnant! If you favored dark colors before your pregnancy, why buy pastels now? Trust us: If youa��re true to your style, youa��ll feel less self-conscious about your bump.
  • Invest In the Basics: Rather than spend a fortune on maternity clothes, purchase fashion staples in fabrics that will grow with you. Avoid zippers, buttons and shapeless sacks. Invest in pieces that will leave you feeling great into your third trimester and beyond.
  • Ita��s All About Support: If youa��re expecting, support yourself! Treat yourself to a properly fitted bra and “belly band.” A great bra will leave you feeling confident while offering supportive comfort. Meanwhile, a belly band will offer coverage and allow you to wear “sexy jeans” well into you third trimester.


As youa��ve undoubtedly noticed, therea��s an inverse correlation between the size of your babe and your wardrobe options. For the third trimester youa��ll need to get creative.

  • Ita��s That Time: Buy real maternity clothes (not larger sizes). But dona��t despair, todaya��s maternity lines are oh-so-stylish. Must-have maternity items includes: hip maternity jeans, layering cardigans and fitted dresses.
  • AYAccessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Leta��s be honest, “basics” can be boring. Keep your wardrobe fresh with accessories. And remember, accessories act as focal points; in other words, no one will notice youa��ve worn the same skirt three days this week.
  • Just Say No: When it come to high heels, just say no. Why? Thanks to swollen feet and a shifted center of gravity, theya��re an accident waiting to happen. Temporarily trade them in for a stylish ballet flat, sandal or boot.


Though youa��ve come full circle, youa��re not quite ready for your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. But you shouldna��t hide in your maternity clothes either! Focus your attention on flattering cuts and fabrics.

  • Wrap It Up: Wraps are postpartum miracle workers. From dresses to tops, nothing flatters like a wrap. They show off your new-found curves while camouflaging unwanted weight. And as you lose weight, the wrap conforms to your new figure.
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  • Leggings Are Your Friend: Leggings are a must-have for any new mom. They keep you looking trim by smoothing out lines and holding in extra skin and they feel like pajama pants. When paired with a tunic or skirt, leggings are every fashionista’s dream.
  • Bring Back the Belly Band: The “fourth trimester” heralds the return of the belly band. Though youa��re not at your pre-pregnancy weight, the belly band allows you back into your pre-pregnancy pants and skirts.

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