Get Going Without the Gym ““ Ways to Exercise with Baby

Airplane ““ Starting around three months of age ““ or when your baby has better head control and can support his/her head for longer periods of time ““ you can start playing “airplane” with your little one. Babies love this game because it gives them a new viewpoint while also allowing them to see your face and engage with you.

Place your baby tummy-side down on your shins while you are sitting up with your knees pulled to your chest. Hold your baby for support while you lie backward ““ baby should be facing you. Gently rock your baby by moving your knees and lower legs from side to side or, for an added challenge, extend your lower legs while crunching your upper body.

learn how to exercise with baby

This version of “baby and me” Pilates is a great way to exercise with baby by working your core muscles while potentially getting some first giggles

Pushups and Baby Bench Presses ““ A bit more of a literal workout, these activities are a great way to exercise with baby in five-minute spurts.Place your baby on his/her back while you assume pushup pose hovering over or to the side of them (we recommend assuming the “on your knees” pose for stability purposes). Give baby a kiss each time you lower yourself, then talk or make faces as you push up. It’s great for your arms and abs, plus baby will delight at the interaction.

Flip onto your back and hold your baby under the arms with your palms against his/her chest and push them toward the ceiling to complete baby bench presses. Throw in some kisses every time little one is near you to get some extra smiles. Tip: Keep a burp cloth nearby

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