Travel With Your 6 – 12 Month Old Baby With Ease

You Can Travel With Your Young Baby

Having a young baby doesn’t meant that you have to skip your end of summer vacation. In fact, there are many trips that you can take with your six to twelve month olds that, with a little planning, can be fun and relaxing.


The most important part of planning a trip with your little one is knowing your child. Will he sit in his car seat for a long car ride? Do you think he’ll be able to sit on an airplane? If baby can’t sit in his car seat for a long period of time, it isn’t a good idea to plan a trip where you have a long drive with a tight deadline. Plan for breaks every hour or so to give your child (and you!) a break.

If you’ve flown with your child before and she tolerated it well, that might be a better option. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and toys to play with, and don’t be afraid to get up and walk around with baby if she gets restless (and it’s safe, of course). Planning a trip around naptime may help baby fall asleep on the plane as well. Nursing or feeding your child on the takeoff and landing can help them regulate the pressure in their ears, and reduce discomfort. Maybe bring some earplugs or little candies to win over the people sitting around you, just in case your baby starts to cry.

Where to Go

Cruises or all-inclusive resorts are great options for young families. There are an abundance of activities, lots of places to eat, and a laid-back vibe. You don’t have to worry about racing to see the next exhibit or monument, and can more easily follow your child’s schedule. This is especially important, to keep your baby happy and in a good mood.

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