2 Very Embarrassing Vacation Bloopers with Baby

First Vacation with Baby?

If you and your husband are planning a vacation, will it be your baby’s first? If so, remember to be prepared and plan for some extra patience. Anything can happen but being patient will help get through any ridiculous disasters.

Instead of denying that a baby disaster could occur, embrace the fact that these embarrassing situations happen to all parents. While celebrities have nannies and assistants to take care of messy situations, everyday parents deal with it themselves. Let’s take a note of what celebrities have had baby mishaps on vacation.

Breastfeeding at the Pump

Ali Landry, mother of 3 year old Estela, had quite the blooper while on the road with her husband and then infant daughter.  He husband had run into the convenience store to pay for gas that Landry was pumping. While pumping the gas, her daughter began to cry and Landry proceeded to get in the car and nurse the baby. Leaving the gas to continue pumping, she knew her daughter came first. A few moments later her husband hopped in the car and drove away. One thing Landry forgot to communicate to her husband was that the gas hose was still in the car. So this mishap was not only embarrassing but expensive!

Katherine Heigl Vs the Stinky Diaper

Another celebrity mom, Katherine Heigl, had an embarrassing ordeal on a plane. During the flight she had noticed the smell of, let’s say a stinky diaper. She knew it was her daughter that had been sitting with a nanny in another part of the plane. The smell was so atrocious that she had to change her. While the airplane does not have a changing table, the bathrooms are very small. Claiming she laid the baby across the toilet while kneeling on the floor to change her, she did what she had to do as a mother.  Feeling bad for the people in the plane, Hiegl admitted that the smell did not dissipate after the diaper was changed. She is now thinking about potty training in order to not have to have another airplane poop incident.

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