A Quick Look at Eating Organic Foods During Pregnancy

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Should You Eat Organic Foods During Pregnancy?

Should you eat organic foods during pregnancy? Organic food is grown without the use of conventional pesticides, fertilizers with synthetic ingredients, or ionizing radiation. When you buy organic foods at the grocery store, you can be sure that it was grown, handled and processed without the use of genetic modification, antibiotics, hormones, germ-killing radiation, weed killers, and other pesticides. The USDA warns that organic foods aren’t necessary safer or more nutritious. Organic foods come at a higher price, so that is a factor that families must consider.

eating organic foods in pregnancy

Considering Pesticides Used to Grow Traditional Foods

As a pregnant woman, you must also take into consideration the level of pesticides in traditionally grown foods. Recent studies have linked pesticide exposure in pregnancy to lowering your future child’s IQ levels and increasing his or her risk of autism and ADHD. Other research that examined pregnant agriculture workers’ exposure to pesticides found that these women experienced higher rates of miscarriage, stillbirths and birth defects. All the scientific studies point to one conclusion ““ pesticides are not good for the unborn baby.

During pregnancy, everything that you consume passes to your unborn child. The developing baby is more sensitive to chemicals and toxins, and this can have a lasting effect on his or her development. For the best outcome, you should consume organic foods whenever it’s possible.

Wash Your Hands and Your Food

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