How to Dress for Work and Leisure While 14 Weeks to 40 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant and Showing it

You are 14 weeks pregnant and the rubber band trick isn’t
working any longer ““ you know what I mean…you place a rubber band through the button hole and wrap it around the button on your skirt or pants allowing you
to wear normal clothes just a little bit longer (as long as you untuck your
shirt/top). Now that your abdomen is starting to stick out and you have that
cute baby bump that you love to admire in the mirror it is time to switch to a
new tactic that will allow you to be comfortable at work or just for hanging
out with friends or family when maternity clothes are still too big, yet your
normal clothes are way too uncomfortable. Don’t worry; you have lots of great
ways to be dressed for work and pleasure at the same time, so that you can actually breathe.

14 Weeks Pregnant is the Awkward Stage

At 14 weeks pregnant you are in the “awkward stage” and your
wardrobe should consist of tunic tops, loose shirts, cardigans, long jackets or
sweaters that help you conceal your growing baby bump until you are ready to
spring the news on your boss. Add to these items pants that are made of
stretchy material at the waistband, a wraparound skirt, flowing dress and you
have several outfits to get you through this stage of pregnancy because it is
easy to mix and match the pieces.

18 Weeks Pregnant and You Can’t Conceal it

Once you hit the 18 weeks mark, concealing your pregnancy is
probably not going to be possible. Many women today, accentuate the baby bump
with maternity accessories like colorful bangles, necklaces and hoop earrings.
If you want the slimming look go for anything in black. Wearing a shawl helps
to take eyes off your middle.


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