How To Best Dress for the Office in the 3rd Trimester

3rd Trimester Fashion At Work

You’ve finally reached your 3rd trimester. Hallelujah! But all you feel like wearing to work right now are your comfy lounging about clothes, right? But no can do. Muster up a little energy (we know it’s hard) and follow the tips below for building a doable business casual OR business formal work wardrobe you’ll look AND feel good wearing to the office. Yep, even into your 3rd trimester!

The beauty of a business casual dress code at work is that it can be interpreted in a vast array of ways, which happens to be quite accommodating for the ever-growing pregnant female.

From my own personal experience, this translates to cute dresses, paired to a long, easy sweater coat and wedge boots when it’s chilly out, or a dress on its own, paired back to a sexy little espadrille in warmer months.

Switch things up in low rise leggings and cool print tunics. Or a smocked waist skirt and flowy knit top. On casual Fridays, dark wash denim in a skinny or straight-leg style (a slimming way to balance proportions) with a bright empire waist top is perfectly office chic.

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