Does Swaddling Improve Newborn Sleep?

There are Several Reasons for Swaddling

After your newborn is delivered a nurse will swaddle him in a soft blanket before handing the baby over. Why is the nurse doing this? There are several reasons, but do all babies benefit from being swaddled?

After a few lessons from various nurses in the hospital, this complicated looking task is something you will perfect within days. After getting home with your newborn, why swaddled?

A Comfortable Newborn is a Happy Newborn

A newborn will be happier and quieter(minimal crying) if they feel comfortable. This means after being born, a tight, secure blanket properly wrapped around them will feel just like being on the inside — the womb, of course. After nine long months a sudden shock of wild limbs and cold surfaces may leave a newborn rather unhappy.

Many believe it will help your newborn sleep better. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) state that swaddling your baby will help your newborn sleep better and have fewer spontaneous awakenings and fall back to sleep more quickly. Your baby may also feel more secure being swaddled. Wrapped tight, it will prevent your newborn for startles during the night or waking due to the Moro reflex.

Cutting Down on the Moro Reflex

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