Important Keys to Discovering Sources for Baby Names

What’s In A Baby’s Name?

What’s in a name? I’d say everything when it comes time for a parent to name their little one on the way. I watched my own friends fret and fight over baby names with their spouses. There were big fat baby name books with a hundred page corners folded down, names were underlined and names scratched out.  It was a naming nightmare.

Some parents put a ton of clout in what their future offspring’s name means. They’re hoping their child will grow into and become some grand adjective like heroic or noble.

What are the Important Keys to Discovering Sources for Baby Names

Others name their babies after a historical event, did you hear about the man in Egypt that name his child Facebook after the revolution there, as he saw Facebook as the reason behind Egypt’s political change? Madness, that poor kid.

Some are seeking out something that will ensure their child stands out amidst the masses. Especially Hollywood, celebrity baby names are utterly nuts. Think Apple, Moroccan and Pilot Inspektor, for example. Seriously?? Others seem to name their children after the latest pop star de jour. Hmm, equally odd and borderline disturbing. Simply can’t wait to meet the crop of Beyonce’s and Cee Lo’s my own future son will grow up with.

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