Your Best Babymoon Bed and Breakfast Inn Dining Guide!

Photo Credit: Luiz Silveira

Babymoon B and B Fun Before Baby

Before your baby arrives, you and your honey might want to sneak off for a weekend excursion (or even an all-out pre-baby R&R) with a babymoon. For most pregnant women, the best time for them to travel on a babymoon (which is a vacation during pregnancy ““ your last hurrah before you become parents) is the second trimester.

Dining at Bed and Breakfast

On your babymoon, you could go to a traditional hotel, but staying at a quaint Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is much more romantic and intimate. The experience will allow the mom and dad-to-be to have some relaxing time together without all the stress that comes with planning for a new baby. While B&Bs can be slightly pricier than a hotel, a traditional hotel cannot match the delicious food, first-class customer service, and cozy atmosphere of a Bed and Breakfast. At a majority of B&Bs in the United States, the innkeepers live on the property ““ some live inside the inn itself. You will get a genuine person who cares about the customers. You are their “guest,” not just a paying customer.

Bed and Breakfast Inns = No Kids

Bed and Breakfast Inns aren’t the place you’ll want to take a newborn baby, and some B&Bs don’t allow children. Staying at B&B makes a truly special babymoon experience, and you will love and enjoy the food served.

The specially prepared food at Bed and Breakfast Inns makes your stay stand out. Some B&Bs include breakfast in the price of your stay. For main meals, you often have to pay that separately. Each B&B has different culinary specialties. You may find a Bed and Breakfast Inn that only offers Southern or European cuisine. The websites of B&Bs typically have a menu for you to check out before your stay.

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