How to Pack the Diaper Bag for Summer Outings With Baby

Many companies now create family blends of insect repellent and can be safe for babies. Always ask your pediatrician about the use of chemicals and sprays on your child. While natural ingredients may sound safer, they are not always right for your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that repellents should contain no more than 30% DEET, which is a main ingredient of most insect repellents. While repellents are helpful they only protect against biting insects and not those that sting.

Extra Fluid

Depending on your baby’s age, offer extra fluids to prevent dehydration. If your pediatrician says it is OK for your baby to drink water in addition to her formula or breastmilk, then pack a bottle in the diaper bag. Babies can dehydrate quicker and become sicker than adults in extreme heat.


While the heat may be nice for the rest of the family, a baby may disagree. A mini size fan can be secured to the side of a car seat of stroller and help baby cool off. While taking a baby out into excessive heat is not advised, even a baby will get cranky from being too hot.

Of course remember diapers, wipes and the other usually diaper bag essentials. Everyone will have a great time and your baby will stay comfortable. If baby is happy then Mommy can relax!

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