What Do You Know About Developmental Delay Syndrome?

Many mothers claim they “just knew” that their child was autistic or developmentally delayed. Simple behaviors are observed and milestones are not reached in a timely matter.  Allow you doctor to screen your baby for any developmental delays before you diagnose your child.  Doctors and nurses have special criteria they follow in order to diagnose a baby or child.

What Causes a Developmental Delay?

Unfortunately a number of things could cause a delay in development. Since many different areas of skills can be affected it has been hard to pinpoint what exactly is the cause.  Some research suggests genetics and environmental factors play apart.  Other reasons like premature birth or birth complications can also lead to delays. Often if the signs are caught early and intervention is giving the severity of a syndrome will decrease.

Well-visits are important for all infants and children as this is when a doctor can evaluate your child. Usually monthly, babies visit the doctor often in their fist year of life. This is because an enormous amount of brain development is occurring and early intervention is key. If you notice signs before a scheduled visit, never hesitate to call your doctor. Your child is priority and parents usually know best!

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