What Do You Know About Developmental Delay Syndrome?

Certain Syndromes Can Be Difficult To Spot

Often parents are unsure how to spot signs of a developmental delay. Syndromes such as  autism and pervasive developmental disorder can be tough to spot when not medically trained in the area. Regardless, due to the increase of developmental disorders and their publicity, the public has become more aware.

More so, developmental delays are now being more strategically diagnosed and categorized by physicians ans specialists. When your infant start interacting with the world this is when is important to note and unusually or unexpected behavior.

What is a developmental delay?

A developmental delay is a delay is when your child or baby does not reach their milestones at the ages they should be.  For instance, a baby that is consistently behind in one or all of these areas, gross or fine motor, language, social, or thinking skills may be delayed. A temporary or late bloomer is not categorized or diagnosed as a developmental delay.

How Will I Know?

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