How to Decide Upon Getting a Dog While You’re Pregnant

Three Dogs and a Baby

I am a dog person through and through as evidenced by the fact that I had three of them when I was pregnant with my first child. Although mine were already part of the family, couples who don’t currently have one often talk about getting a dog while they are pregnant.

According to our vet, there is no set rule about whether you should get your dog before or after the baby arrives. There are many factors to take in to account including your life, your home and the dog itself.

Photo by Dan Harrelson

Puppies vs Adult Dogs

First let’s talk about the dog. If you’re considering getting a puppy, you are essentially going to have two babies to take care of. Puppies require a lot of time and training and more frequent vet visits. And let’s not forget that puppies do have little accidents and sometimes chew things they aren’t supposed to. So remember that puppies need more of your attention NOW. Keeping this in mind, do you think you’ll have the time to get the puppy stage wrapped up before your “╦ťhuman baby’ arrives? If so, you might want to go ahead and try.

Another option for those deciding whether to get a dog before the baby comes is to adopt an adult dog. Translation: One that’s already potty trained. We did this. Two of our dogs passed away in my first trimester my last time around. We adopted a 1-year-old lab. Taking this route is also a great way to get a pet that has already had experience being in a house with children. Our dog lived with two toddlers and we knew he’d be am good fit for our family. I’d be remiss not to throw in the fact that you’d be doing an incredible favor to a pet in need of a home. It feels great.

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