Create Your Babymoon Bucket List

Unless you have a staff of nannies to help raise your babies while you bungee jump in Las Vegas, hike the Appalachian Trail or whoop it up in Bimini, you know that motherhood will change everything. Your family evolves, and your life revolves around diaper changing, making school lunches and shuttling the kids to dance classes and soccer practice. Before baby arrives, take advantage of that foresight and tackle your pre-baby babymoon to-do list! Moms Desiree Srdic of Toronto and Morgan Werner of Arizona share advice about what to do before pregnancy or before baby moves in.

Plan a Marvelous Babymoon

Desiree says she knew that once she had a baby, travel would continue to be part of her life, but not in the carefree-late-night-patio-drinks-abroad way. Sleeping on the beach in the Dominican and my lax schedule that revolved solely around me and my spouse would never happen again until retirement, says the mother of two.

Babymoon Ideas

Take time to schedule a few romantic getaways for your babymoon, even just weekend trips, with your husband.

Before Pregnancy

Once your family starts to grow, you’ll have less time to pursue your own interests. Now is the perfect time to cross wish list items off your pre-baby to-do list. Have you dreamed of taking a scuba class, learning a foreign language or becoming a wine connoisseur? Act now while you can devote your full time and attention to these other hobbies. (Follow your doctor’s advice about consuming alcohol while pregnant.)

Enjoy Each Other During the Babymoon

Desiree says when she was pregnant throughout her babymoon, she felt an urgent need to spend more time with her husband. While you try to conceive or are awaiting baby’s arrival, enjoy what your life is like now with just the two of you.

You really realize that things will be changing with one little extra person around to monopolize your attention, she says.

Don’t Rack Up Debt

Morgan, a mother of four with baby five on the way, says not to let babymoon (or pre-conception) time be a spending free-for-all or an excuse to rack up debt.

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