What Women Need to Know About Pregnancy Cramps

Is Pregnancy Cramping Your Style?

Cramping during pregnancy is normal and a common ailment expecting women experience. While this during pregnancy differs among women, it can leave any expecting mom uneasy. Knowing when to seek medical advice and when to not panic will help getting through these annoying yet purposeful cramps.

Early Cramps

In very early pregnancy, cramps are a sign the egg is implanting itself in the uterus. Finding its temporary home, this egg will eventually form into an embryo and then baby while living in the uterus. Think of a construction site in your womb. The foundation is laid before the work begins. This is a crucial part of your baby’s development and only last a few days.

Mid-Pregnancy Cramps

Think of all the stretching that is going on in the womb during pregnancy. Normally when a ligament or muscle stretches it may cramp and feel strange. When a baby grows during pregnancy naturally the uterus and abdomen will grow too! This is the miraculous way a woman’s body works to give a temporary home for your unborn baby.

Late-Pregnancy Cramps

Believe it or not, a woman’s body will “practice” for labor and childbirth. This cramping during pregnancy often feels like a tightening of the abdomen and is uncomfortable. Some women feel a bit of pain during Braxton Hicks and some do not.

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