The Truth About Cord Blood Banking


Cord Blood Banking and You

Cord blood banking is a procedure that many people have heard of, but not many know much about it. With all of the recent debate on stem cell research that is being publicized in the media and just about everywhere you look, more and more people are becoming interested in the details behind cord blood banking and just what the benefits of it may be. If you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, the choice of banking your umbilical cord blood becomes a choice you may consider making.

What is Cord Blood Banking?
After the cutting of a newborn’s umbilical cord, the stem cells from the rich cord blood are taken and then preserved. Once preserved, the stem cells are made available for any future stem cell use; either publically or privately. The choice is yours.

Reasons to Enroll in Cord Blood Banking
Individuals who are interested in participating in cord blood donation may wonder what the benefits are. While the concept can be confusing at first, there are a number of viable reasons to enroll in cord blood banking.

For many individuals, the fact that the stem cells from their child’s cord can be used in research is an appealing thing. Stem cells are frequently in the news as a way to heal potentially serious or life-threatening illness or diseases. Even though modern science may not be able to utilize the full power of stem cells, they may in the near future. Storing your child’s cord blood is a way to provide them with their stem cells, against a possible need in their future.

When donating cord blood, families are able to choose whether the stem cells are to be used for public or private use. Private use ensures that the stem cells can be used for research, while other families lean towards public use. When you allow your baby’s cord blood to be available for public use, it means that you help save a life. Donated stem cells are often used to help treat leukemia and cerebral palsy, as well as metabolic diseases that can otherwise end in death.

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