5 Common Myths About Trying to Conceive

4) Myth: Eating certain foods can help you conceive, or can influence the sex of the child.
The truth: Drinking Robitussin, eating bananas, and any other food that claims to help you get pregnant faster is nonsense. Eating a well-balanced diet of all food groups will give your body all the nutrition it needs for you to conceive. In addition, eating Cheerios to get a girl, and hot dogs to get boy, is utter fiction. What you eat has no bearing on what sex the child will be.

5) Myth: Men wearing boxer shorts will increase their sperm count, and conception can occur faster.
The truth: This is not entirely false. Sperm counts can increase with cooler temperatures, therefore wearing boxers might help keep him cooler down there. However, it takes at least two months for any man’s sperm count to be noticeably affected, so wearing boxers won’t help you in the short term.

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving may be more willing to believe that there are things that they can do to speed up the process. The reality is that most what you hear will be just a myth; the only way to increase your chances of conceiving is to try while you’re most fertile. If you have any questions or concerns about your fertility, be sure to check with your doctor.

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