Colds and Flu Alert: Keeping Safe During Pregnancy

Just because you can’t take medication doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. Increasing your fluid intake and resting as much as possible can both help you get over a cold quicker. You can also try inhaling steam from a warm beverage or in a steamy bathroom to help unclog nasal passages, and some women swear by the Neti Pot or saline nasal sprays.

When to Call the Doctor
If you think you have been exposed to one of the infections listed above, call your doctor and explain your concerns. They can arrange for blood testing to see if you’ve been exposed and screening of the fetus or baby.

Otherwise, you don’t need to call the doctor with every sniffle or cough. If, however, your symptoms aren’t relieved after instituting self-care measures, or you feel like you are getting worse instead of better, check in with your primary care physician for advice. Make sure to tell her that you are pregnant.

Even though getting sick with colds and flu can be frightening when pregnant, rest assured that most infections aren’t harmful to your baby.

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