What Every Mother Ought To Know When Choosing A Baby Formula

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How Can One Formula Be Best For Baby?

Choosing a baby formula is an important decision if you’re not breastfeeding or even if you’re using formula to supplement the baby’s diet. With so many brands and types of formula available, how can one possibly determine which is best for their baby’s needs? The following is a breakdown of the different kinds of formula to help you decide what’s best for your baby.

There are three different infant formulas available in the United States approved by the FDA. They are:

Cow’s Milk Formula ““ Most babies find cow’s milk formula to be easy to digest. The cow’s milk is altered and fortified to make it the most like breast milk of all the formulas. Unless your baby has a reaction or allergy to this type of formula, then they won’t need anything else.

Soy Milk Formula ““ Soy based formula is a popular option among parents who want to remove animal-based proteins from their child’s diet. They are also the suggested formula for babies who are lactose intolerant. If the baby is allergic to cow’s milk formulas, then they may also be allergic to soy milk formulas.

Protein Hydrolysate Formula
““ This formula is recommended for those babies who are truly allergic to both soy and cow’s milk based formulas. They can also be called hypoallergenic formulas; they are easy to digest and contain fewer allergens.

The Rest Of The Formula Mix

Formulas contain all the specific nutrients that a baby needs for proper growth and development, and they should continue to drink formula until they are at least 1 year of age or until your doctor suggests ceasing feeding formula.

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