Celebrating Halloween with Baby; How to Keep it Safe and Fun

Baby’s First Halloween

A baby’s first Halloween is an exciting event. While they may be too young to take part in traditional celebrations on Halloween, there are plenty of fun things to do with a little one.

Sure, a baby will not remember their first Halloween but think of the adorable pictures that will make great keepsakes. Dressing up a baby in an appropriate costume can create wonderful photos to circulate to the rest of the family. Avoid any kind of face makeup as a baby has very sensitive skin and can cause irritation.

A baby under 6 months old is probably too young to head out trick or treating. If the weather is cold, keep a newborn or young infant inside. Instead of touring the neighborhood, take your baby to a grandparents house or family friend. Ring the doorbell and wait for the never ending “awwwwws”.

A newborn is still under the “stay away from germs” advisory so taking a newborn to a crowded Halloween party is not a good idea. Instead invite a few friends or family members over for a viewing of your precious pumpkin. Remember hand-sanitizer for guests or ask them to wash their hands. This holiday falls in the height of flu season and your baby needs to be protected from those germs.

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