Can Your Baby Understand When You Talk?

Moms Cannot Resist Speaking with Baby

Whether or not a newborn understands your words, many moms can’t resist talking to their children. And with good reason – research shows that even if he can’t form sentences of his own, he can grasp the basic meaning of what you’re telling him, according to BabyCenter.

In fact, babies start learning to recognize their parents’ voices while still in the womb! That means that he knows who his mommy is immediately, and that her voice will be soothing to him even when he’s hungry or distressed. And while a newborn can’t understand the dictionary definition of the words you use, he can certainly pick up on his mother’s emotions. He’ll know whether you’re happy, sad, angry, loving or even anxious based on the way you speak to him and interact with him, and he’ll react accordingly.

By about four months of age, your baby will be able to recognize his own name. By the time he’s a year old, he’ll know simple instructions, like “stop that” or “don’t touch.” He’ll be talking by the time he’s two, and by age three, he’ll have a vocabulary hundreds of words strong, says BabyCenter.

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