Can Disabled Women Get Pregnant?

Disabled Women Able to Give Birth

Some people may wonder if disabled women can get pregnant.  The good news is that having a physical disability or medical condition doesn’t mean that you can’t safely become pregnant.  You may just need a little extra planning to make sure that you have the safest and happiest experience possible!

Planning for a Pregnancy

If you have a disability that has significant medical implications, you should check in with either your ob or a doctor who specializes in managing high risk pregnancies.   The doctor will examine you and discuss potential complications or issues with managing your pregnancy.  They will also monitor your pregnancy and delivery very closely to ensure that both you and baby are safe.

Screening During Your Pregnancy

How frequently you visit the doctor will really depend on your unique medical situation.  For example, a woman with a medical condition that also impacts her health will visit the doctor significantly more than a woman with a physical disability like a single limb amputation.  Doctor’s visits will vary; some situations will require weekly visits with the doctor through the entire pregnancy and others won’t need to see their doctor any differently than a woman without a disability.

Preparing for a Healthy Birth

You’ll want to talk to your doctor about both you and her expectations for labor and delivery.  There may restrictions on how you will be able to position your body while pushing that can impede your ability to effectively push.  Or your plans for as natural a delivery as possible may not coincide with your doctors plans for an induced c-section.  While you of course can’t plan for every possibility in the delivery room, being on the same page as your doctor before your labor pains start, will help you feel more in control of the situation.

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