Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know!

Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby

For many new moms, breastfeeding is the perfect time to bond with your newborn. It’s a calm, quiet time where you can provide your baby with the nutrition he needs while enjoying his company in a relaxing setting. No matter how fast the world is moving around you, taking the time to nurse your infant can help slow things down. But of course, breastfeeding isn’t all perfect.

Breastfeeding isn’t all Perfect

For one thing, lots of new moms have trouble getting an infant to “latch on,” or accept breast milk. If your baby doesn’t seem to want to suckle, experts recommend positioning him in a way that allows him to latch on more easily – such as tucking him under one arm and holding his mouth near your breast while you’re sitting upright.

Might Not Lose Your Extra Weight

According to folklore, breastfeeding is also a spectacular weight loss solution – but that’s not always the case.

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