“Blossom” Actress Expecting First Baby

Jenna von Oy, the actress most well-known for her role as Blossom's best friend Six on the 1990s NBC sitcom, recently announced that she is expecting a baby with her husband of one year, Brad Bratcher.

The actress, who has also made a name for herself in country music, recently told People Magazine that she broke the baby news to her husband on their one year wedding anniversary.

"We agreed on no presents, but I told him that I had something that was very, very small, which it was – at the time it was the size of an appleseed," she said of her growing baby.

The couple soon began calling the little bean a "she," von Oy told the news outlet. She told Bratcher that the baby would have him wrapped around her little finger, and he said she already does, the news source reports.

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