Bedtime Routines for Baby Will Help the Whole Family


  • Give baby a nice warm bath to signal the end of the day. Try to give your baby a bath early enough that they are not overtired and keep a consistent time each evening.


  • Nurse or feed your baby a bottle after getting dressed from the bath. Do this step while your baby is still awake. Waiting until they are too tired will cause your baby to fall asleep at the breast or bottle. While this seems OK, it may teach your baby to need a feeding to fall asleep.

Book or Lullaby

  • After bath and a feeding, read your baby a book or sing a lullaby. Keep this quiet and calm. This can be the last step before bed, so dim the lights and make sure your baby understands it is nighttime.

Since each home is different adjust your baby’s routine to fit your family. Getting enough rest will help your baby and other family members wake at an early or necessary time in the morning. Routines are important for everyone as it will help keep consistency in your baby’s life. When a baby has consistency they tend to thrive and adjust well to new situations and people.

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