Baby’s First Finger Foods

We’ve all been scolded at some point during our childhood for playing with our food, a manners no-no. But for your tiny tot, fun with finger foods can be an important part of development. Finger foods help your little one explore textures and even develop motor skills, but be sure your child is ready. Introduce finger foods safely by following the guidelines below.

When is my baby ready for finger foods?

Baby eating finger foods

Most doctors recommend keeping your baby on breast milk and/or formula only until six months. When you do start him or her on solids, choose foods that are mushy and soft, such as pureed vegetables or baby cereal. Finger foods are the second phase of your baby’s solids diet, and most infants are ready for this step by eight or nine months of age.

Your baby is ready for finger foods when he or she:

  • Exhibits good head and neck control.
  • Can sit without support.
  • Has become mobile, and is now rolling and crawling.
  • Tries to feed her- or himself.
  • Picks things up with the thumb and pointer finger.

What are the best first finger foods?

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