Baby Name Predictions for 2012

Research has shown that a child’s name can impact their future and how they are perceived by others, and so, it’s no wonder many couples struggle with the naming decision. While some find comfort in choosing family names others take their naming hints from popular culture and trends of the moment.

If you fall into the latter category, and you’re expecting in 2012, we have the list for you. Check out naming trend predictions for 2012, courtesy of name gurus including

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A blast from the past
Naming has gone retro. Many older names such as Wyatt, Amelia, Olivia, Liam and Sophie are back in vogue. While these names were popular many years ago, they have been considered ancient and outdated for a long time, but things are changing. Also expect to see a rise in Jacob, Gavin, Charlotte and Madelyn.

Unusual & unique
There seems to be a greater focus on choosing a name that is unique, either in the name itself, its spelling or its meaning. Parents want their child to be an individual and stand out. Since a name is often the first thing that someone will know about a person, it’s an opportunity to make a unique first impression. Think Jaxson or Jaxon instead of Jackson.

Pop culture picks
Given the rise in popularity of “Twilight” and “Mad Men,” don’t be surprised to see these shows continue their naming influence. Names like Jacob, Bella or Isabella, Edward, Max, Amelia and Sterling will continue to be top picks for new parents. Caleb, Atticus, Finnegan, Harper, Beckett and Holden are also rising in popularity thanks to mainstream TV and film.

Power letters: A & M
Names beginning with “A” or “M” are starting to trend in popularity and are expected to peak in 2012.  Some include Asher, Atticus, Archer, Milo, Montgomery and Micah.

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