Beating Baby Fever

Beating Baby Fever: The Gift of Time

If you’ve recently had a baby or previously decided to wait, but suddenly can’t get babies off the brain, consider putting yourself under “embargo.” More or less, give yourself a waiting period until you allow yourself to really consider changing your mind. Sometimes, having two children very close in age is the right decision, but if you previously decided to wait or wanted children with larger gaps in age, perhaps again consider all of the reasons that you had wanted to wait. After having a child, hormones continue to run rampant for some time ““ particularly if you are breastfeeding. Giving yourself time allows you to carefully weigh your options and, potentially, let your hormones run their course.

Beating Baby Fever: Test Run

Borrow a niece, nephew, or friend’s little one for a day or two ““ your relative or friend will be grateful for the free babysitter and you get some hands-on time to test the waters and determine how life might be if you see your baby fever through.

have baby fever?

Beating Baby Fever: Distraction, distraction, what?…

If you and your partner have already had a discussion about timing ““ and that time is not yet due ““ try picking up a new hobby or falling back in love with an old one. You’ll likely still see babies everywhere, but finding something else to absorb yourself in should at least take the edge off for a bit until you can succumb to that craving.

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