Beating Baby Fever

The supermarket, the doctor’s office, restaurants, commercials on TV ““ you haven’t noticed it before, but suddenly you see babies everywhere! Babies with their perfect skin, big eyes, squishy cheeks… cute, perfect babies. You must hold one ““ scratch that ““ you must have one. Immediately. Call it hormones, call it a ticking biological clock ““ call it whatever you want ““ but you have a case of baby fever.

A 2011 study found that baby fever is not just in your head ““ it is a real, bona fide physical and emotional reaction resulting in (or from) a sudden undeniable urge for a baby. Women are susceptible whether they are currently child free or thinking about adding another to their family, but what may surprise you is that men can also catch this bug.

have baby fever?

So how can you “cure” your case of baby fever?

Beating Baby Fever: Give in to the Urge

Hedonism isn’t always bad ““ the easiest and most effective way is to give into the urge. Sure, it’s long nights and (beyond) lots of work, but it’s worth it!

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