Attention: One Size Doesn’t Fit All in Maternity Fashion

Is Your Baby Bump Growing?

Have you noticed the way you find yourself staring at other mommy-to-be bumps now that you’re pregnant? Trying desperately to guess “Is she 20 weeks? Oh, maybe that woman is 32 weeks like me?” Then there are the occasions you are absolutely certain the pregnant woman you’re sizing up absolutely must be carrying twins or even triplets. Or in my case, carrying a little guy all the way to term that left a few people not ever even knowing I was expecting. Guess they just thought I was indulging in more desserts?

One Size Does Not Fit All

Point is, when it comes to maternity clothes, one size definitely does not fit all. That said, it’s utterly essential that you try maternity fashion on, until you get familiar with a particular store or brand’s maternity sizing. Don’t assume that  because you’re usually a size medium, that you’ll instantly be a size medium in maternity clothes.

Make a Day of it

Make a fun day of figuring out which maternity sizes and styles suit you the best, bring a fashion-minded friend or family member. Venture out to stores like Target, Walmart, Motherhood Maternity and department stores like Macy’s. Then, put on a little fashion show letting your baby bump be the star of the show. Be sure to take several styles and sizes into the fitting room.  See what looks and sizes make you feel most comfortable while flattering your new curves.

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