Summer Is Heating Up! So We Explore Maternity Swim Fashion

Maternity Swim Fashion Is Definitely In

As a girl that lives in South Florida and stocks up on eight to 10 new bikinis each summer (I literally deem them part of my summer wardrobe) I consider myself a bathing suit buff. That said, it became quite the serious matter to me, the moment I realized I would be VERY pregnant for a great deal of summer 2011. Whatever would I beach, pool and boat in this summer?

Yep, some mommies-to-be flaunt their bumps in teeny weeny bikinis, but this preggo wasn’t feeling that. This likely stemmed from something I read and discussed with my OB/GYN. Although we all want to feel attractive and sexy throughout our summer pregnancies, we should take extra care to cover up our tummies due to the skin drying, discoloring and stretch-mark provoking properties of too much sun exposure. That said, should you find yourself in a bikini while pregnant, apply a high SPF sunscreen to your bump and reapply often!

Tankini Tops with Built-in Bras Rock

I personally leapt upon the tankini as swimsuit of choice this summer. And, I stocked up, of course! I’ve found that the tankini tops that boast a built-in bra for support, then flow loosely to the hem have been most flattering. Plus, such tops allow your bump to grow without feeling constricted. Plus, when it came ┬áto choosing tankini bottoms, I could pick from styles that were most modest to styles that showed a little more skin.

There are some absolutely adorable vintage-inspired maternity one-pieces out there too, some with flirty little skirts that conceal your bum and thighs, because let’s face it, we’re growing all over to some degree, as each week passes. Do try and stray from the more matronly one-piece styles. You can revisit those when you’re a senior citizen, not a hot little mommy-to-be!

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