Are You Mentally Prepared for Parenthood?

Parents must make decisions every day about situations and medical issues that often arise when caring for a baby. Do you feel confident making decisions for another human being? Do you have a support group that can give you good advice when you need it in order to make good decisions regarding your baby?

The best way to prepare yourself is to role-play with a trusted, knowledgeable individual. Work through several likely scenarios and then discuss the various options with this individual.


Babies are completely dependent on adults for all their needs, this is includes safety.  Do you know how to keep your baby safe?

Community fire stations and police stations are good resources for learning how to make your home and vehicle safe for baby.

Keeping your baby safe also requires mental alertness. Your child’s life may depend on how well you are able to function as a parent so be sure you are ready for the little sleep and mental stress.


Parenthood brings with it many different lifestyle changes that are a natural part of caring for a baby. Are you ready and willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes required? Lifestyle changes can include quitting smoking for the health of your baby, limiting your social life to make time for your baby and putting the needs of your baby above your needs. Ask yourself if you are ready to make these permanent changes because being a parent is a lifetime commitment.

If you answered the questions above in the positive, you are ready to commit to parenthood. And, being prepared as such also will result in a happy, secure and well-adjusted child. Answering those same questions with a “no,” however, shows you are not yet ready to be a parent, but with a little initiative and desire you can get there.

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