Are You Mentally Prepared for Parenthood?

Ready for a baby?

It would be great if there was a standardized preparedness test potential parents could take before conceiving since having a baby is a joyous time but also mentally taxing.

The guide below will help you answer the question, “Am I ready?” Better assess your baby-readiness and discover areas to improve upon before baby arrives.

Baby Care

Do you know how to care for a newborn, and an older baby? Answering this question will let you know how well you and your partner will be able to meet the physical, mental, emotional and financial needs of your child.

Books about baby care will give you an idea of how much knowledge you already have about the topic and/or how unprepared you really are.

Most communities offer new parent classes that help people learn baby care skills. If you answer this question with a resounding, “NO I am not ready to care for my baby yet,” seek out these classes. Hospitals with maternity wards usually offer classes for expectant parents so that they can learn about what happens during labor and delivery. These classes typically also include information about how to care for the basic needs of a newborn.

If you still feel you are not ready to care for a baby, it is best to wait to conceive until you feel confident about meeting your future baby’s physical, mental, emotional and financial needs.


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