Editor’s Picks: Birth Announcements

Your little one has finally arrived, but how will you notify friends and family? There are an endless number of different ways to announce that you’ve become a mother. Below are three accessible methods and our editor’s picks for the right look, message and theme for the perfect birth announcements.

Rock paper birth announcements. Everyone likes getting snail mail these days, and we rarely have an occasion to send it out. Show friends how much you care by taking the time to pick out paper birth announcements.

Best birth announcements

Our favorite birth announcements:�

Our editor adores the joy expressed in this playful, yet modern announcement. Embrace the polka dot trend with sophistication.
We LOVE the lime green and sleek lines in this one. Show off baby with more pics.  Find the Petite Watermelon cards here. Traditional and girly is always in. The soft flowers add an elegant touch.

Go Eco. Consider electronic birth announcements and skip the paper and stamps altogether. With endless customization options, you can make your announcements talk, laugh and even move.  Check out BabyTattle.com or get funny with JibJab.

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