Am I Pregnant?

Am I pregnant? Learn the answer to this question with the tell-tale first signs of pregnancy at today.

“Am I pregnant?”

Am I pregnant? Learn the first signs of pregnancy today at

Waiting to answer this age-old can be agonizing. But unfortunately, you simply have to wait to be 100 percent positive. Still, there are early signs and symptoms that may indicate pregnancy before an at-home test reads positive.

Am I Pregnant? The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy

While each woman is different and each pregnancy brings about different changes, there are a few common signs and symptoms women may notice during early pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant? Check for a late period. If you usually have 28 day cycle and your period is late, you may be pregnant. Some women may notice spotting, but not have an actual period. This could be implantation bleeding, which happens when the embryo implants itself to the uterine wall about 6-9 days past ovulation. However, irregularities in the menstrual cycle can also be caused by stress, changes in weight and certain medications.

Am I Pregnant? Keep track of how you’re stomach is feeling. Many women think that nausea in early pregnancy, commonly referred to as morning sickness, only occurs in the morning. However, in reality, women may become nauseous during any time of the day. Abnormal amounts of nausea, acidity or bloating could be a sign of pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant? Got the sniffles?: Changes in hormone levels and increased blood flow throughout the body can lead to more mucous production and sensitivity of nasal tissues. This can lead to sinus problems, such as congestion or nosebleeds.

Am I Pregnant? Understand your fatigue levels and sleeping patterns. Many women become fatigued during the first trimester, and women may feel more tired than usual as early as one week after conception.

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