Age Appropriate Toys Update: Newborn to 3 Months


Babies Take-in the World Around Them

From the minute they are born, babies begin to take in the world around them. Even though they can’t see very far or clearly (at least at first), or associate sounds with the objects around them, they can still play with toys. There are, however, certain toys that are more appropriate for newborns than others.

Unbreakable Mirrors
One of the first things that the baby will recognize is your face. Beginning around one month of age, your baby will be able to tell your face from the others around her. Faces fascinate babies, and one toy that is sure to please the youngest of babies is an unbreakable mirror. Baby will find her own reflection fascinating! Look for unbreakable mirrors that can fasten to the side of the crib or playpen.

Hung over the crib, mobiles can provide hours of distraction for your baby. She will practice reaching up toward it and watch it turn around and around. Choose a mobile with music; even the youngest babies love music. Look for a mobile that has bright, contrasting colors; babies will see these colors the best. Just be sure that the mobile is securely fastened to the crib and that the baby cannot reach it.

Sensory Toys
Even though your baby won’t be able to grab objects for a few more months, they will love sensory toys that squeak or light up when the baby bats at them or moves them around. These are great toys to attach to the crib; let Baby work on her motor skills as she practices swatting and reaching for the toy. There are also a variety of activity center toys that can be affixed to the crib. They have sounds, lights, moving parts and a variety of fascinating actions. Be sure to get one with volume control so that Baby can fall asleep while watching it.

Wrist Rattles
Even though you might get tired of hearing the rattle going all day long, Baby won’t tire of it! Babies love rattles, and by placing one around her wrist she can experiment with movement and sound to her heart’s delight. This helps teach the baby “cause and effect.” When she moves her wrist, it makes a sound. She will love learning this skill with a wrist rattle!

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