What are some Age-Appropriate Toys for Six Months to One Year?

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Your Baby’s Development is Rapid

From six months to one year of age a baby goes through many stages of development. Your little one was recently an infant that could only communicate with a cry or a coo, but will now start babbling and even saying those first few words. Babies also develop an awareness of their surroundings during this time, and it is not uncommon for babies to feel anxiety if they are separated from a loved one or frustration if they drop a toy. Babies also become mobile and go from sitting to crawling and possibly walking by their first birthday. You can help support your baby’s development and build on new skills with age-appropriate toys.

Age- appropriate Toys for Six to Nine months of Age

Your little one is interested in becoming mobile and wants to explore his or her surroundings. Your baby is also learning better eye hand coordination and can start manipulating smaller objects. Build on these skills with a few of these age-appropriate toys:

Toys that move or have wheels: Your baby will enjoy pushing cars or watching toys that move by themselves. As the toy moves farther away, it will encourage your baby to scoot or crawl towards the object, which will help them become mobile.

Balls: Balls are a fun toy for all ages, but younger babies find them especially enjoyable. Roll the ball towards your baby and encourage him or her to roll it back to you.  It will take time for your baby to understand, but keep trying, and he or she will soon be playing along with you.

Shape sorters: A shape sorter will not only help a baby learn shapes; it will also help babies build on their fine motor skills as they try to twist and turn the shape until they find the hole it matches.

Reaction toys: Look for toys that feature buttons, knobs or dials that the baby must turn for sounds to play or lights to glow. This will help teach your baby cause and effect.

Nesting cups or blocks: Show your baby how to stack the cups or blocks into a tower. At first, your baby will have fun with knocking the towers down. However, as they develop better motor skills, babies will start building towers themselves.

Age-appropriate toys for Ten to Twelve Months of Age

Babies may start pulling up and standing on their own during this time. They are also further developing eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and learning to talk. Encourage these skills in your child with the following age-appropriate toys:

Activity tables: The activity table will encourage your child to pull up to a standing position, so he or she can have access to the toys on top of the table. Look for toys with bright colors and music to keep your baby entertained.

Role-Play toys: Babies start imitating the people in their lives early on. Encourage your baby’s creativity and imagination with role-playing toys, such as phones and toddler-sized play kitchens.

Ride-ons and push toys: Once your baby starts standing on his or her own, a push or ride-on toy will encourage your baby to start walking.

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