A Pregnant and Stress-Free Holiday: 5 Last-Minute Tips

The “to-do” list never ends, the cooking is never done and the gifts are never finished being bought and wrapped. The holidays are notoriously stressful even when you’re not pregnant, and now that we are in the final phase of the season, how can you stay sane and relaxed while avoiding all those unhealthy holiday meals?

You’ve probably heard this advice at some point already during your pregnancy, but the holidays are a great time for a reminder. Our five tips for a stress-free and pregnant holiday:

  1. Make a list and check it twice. The clock is ticking, but it is never too late to get organized. List out everything that needs to get done and organize your time accordingly.
  2. Focus on your health. While it is easy to get carried away with all the delicious foods of the season, don’t feel like you have to eliminate all treats. Simply have balance and schedule time to exercise as well. Get adequate rest too.
  3. Take time for yourself. Schedule a trip to the spa. Read that book you’ve been itching to get to or just get together with friends in a non-holiday way. Find time to refresh and relax.
  4. Learn to say no. Say it with me: “No.” No, you can’t host Christmas Eve dinner for your entire family. No, you can’t organize your son’s school fundraiser. No, you can’t take on extra projects at your church. The holidays are difficult enough with everything you have to do for your family and your health, so don’t hesitate to say no to projects that you just can’t handle this year. You may hurt some feelings, but chances are, people will understand, especially if you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or are far along.
  5. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Ask for help getting your “to-do” list done. Have your kids bake the Christmas cookies this year, or have your husband pick up the groceries. There also are many ways you can automate your tasks ““ try online shopping, not only for gifts, but for your groceries as well. You’ll still need to sit down and shop, but that is much easier (and can be done on your own time) than trying to navigate a crowded mall or grocery store. For groceries, check out Alice.com.



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