Can A Mommy-to-be Really Raise Baby Organically?

Living Organically for Our Health And the Environment

Living an organic or “green” lifestyle, as it’s commonly referred to, offers benefits to both the environment and our own babies health. By buying organic, we make a conscious choice to shun products that have been produced or grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides. We truly have no idea how much all the toxins and chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis affect our health, or even cause diseases. Then there’s the disposal of all these “dirty” products and materials, as they end up in landfills, there is no doubt in my mind that they are contaminating our land and water.

Now, take into account, a brand new, defenseless, fragile, baby. It goes without saying, you want to protect this sensitive little bundle of joy from harmful chemicals, toxins and such, right? Right. However, I find this somewhat daunting myself. Organic products are popping up more often these days, but, I don’t find them everywhere and in every case. Plus, they often come with a price tag that I must say, seems a bit prohibitive when I’m already spending out the ying yang on all sorts of things for baby I wasn’t paying for before. It comes down to a delicate balance for me. Protect and provide for baby in the best way possible, but don’t go totally broke in process.

Organic Baby Fashion and You

I feel good when I buy my future child a soft cotton onesie stamped with a “certified organic” label, seek and you shall find all sorts of organic baby fashion. I take solace in the fact that this will be better against his skin and that it didn’t contaminate someone else’s resources wherever it was made. I have also stocked up on a few cloth diapers and washable inserts that I will try to use, provided I don’t get too entirely grossed out by removing poopy inserts for cleaning.

And the disposable diapers I have purchased or registered for are all of the “green” variety, made from recycled materials that are chlorine-free, biodegradable, etc. etc. So far so good. Will try to keep this up. I have consciously purchased and registered for all-natural or organic baby care products as well (think diaper creams, bath essentials, lotions, sun screen etc.). Oh and I definitely plan to breast feed, come hell or high water. Because it doesn’t get much more all-natural than that, does it? Should save a lot of energy too, when it comes to not washing 1000 bottles, inserts, etc.¬†and eliminate¬†a lot of paper and plastic package consumption too.

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