8 Toys To Give Your Baby This Holiday

What Does Baby want for the Holidays?

It can be hard to decide what toys to give your baby this holiday.  When gift giving time should be fun, it can often become frustrating for new parents. Babies under one year of age are especially tough to  buy for and require a bit of research.

The best part about your baby’s first or even second Holiday season is that very little money spent will get very fulfilling gifts. Many babies under 1 often find the packages a toy came in more interesting than complicated toys. Here are some inexpensive options that any baby will love  that will not sit in the corner but spark your child’s curiosity.

My First Taggies Cloth Bedtime Book: Sweet Dreams

Simple and soft, this starter book has ‘tags’ attached to all sides.These soft silky tags are exactly what most babies find soothing and grow fond of. Safe for a teething baby, this simple fabric book provides tactile stimulation with different fabrics on each page.

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Similar to the first toys, this soft and safe toy is just what your baby will be looking for. Bright colors for eye development, there are little treats within Jacques. A rattle, squeaker and mirrored wing your baby will want this toy in the diaper bag for all trips and walks in the stroller.

Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

The classic toy many parents had as children is still a great option for a gift for your baby. Plastic yet soft enough to gum, the rings help develop fine motor skills and strengthen hand eye coordination.

Imaginarium 60-Piece Jumbo Foam Textured Blocks

Promoting hand eye coordination, building blocks are not only a great toy to promote development, but make for a fun activity. Even a younger baby will be able to hold these soft blocks that are a great alternative to hard plastic or wood.

Fisher-Price Corn Popper

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