5 Tips For Handling Baby on Dinner Dates

If you have an older baby, we have a few tips for a successful and peaceful dinner:

Tip #1 ““ Order your child’s food when you order your drinks. If possible, bring along finger foods to occupy his hands and mind with while waiting for the restaurant food to arrive.

Tip #2 ““ Choose family-friendly restaurants. Date night with baby at a wine bar is probably not a great idea.

Tip #3 ““ Avoid meltdown time. This can occur when older babies finish eating before adults and become bored or fussy. You might consider getting dessert to go, so baby can fall asleep on the way home.

Tip #4 ““ Bring small toys or books to entertain the older baby while waiting to be seated. Better yet, call ahead or avoid busy times. Babies, like adults, can be impatient, and when they smell good food they want to eat NOW. Cheerios or other finger foods can help your little one stay calm while waiting for dinner.

Tip #5 ““ If your baby is suffering from a cold or other ailment, this is not the time to have a dinner date. Cranky babies can be easily upset.

Yes, you can have a lovely dinner date with baby in tow if you follow these tips. Being a new parent doesn’t mean your social life has to end. In fact, the more you expose your baby to new experiences such as dining out, the better she will learn how to behave in such circumstances.

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