4 Ways to Perfectly Prepare for the Baby’s Nursery

Welcoming a New Baby Might Be Exciting and Stressful

Welcoming a new baby into the home is a time of excitement, wonder and perhaps even a little bit of anxiety as you want everything to be just perfect. One of the things that most mothers-to-be want to be just perfect, is the nursery, and rightly so for you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in this room. Whether you have an entire room to use as the nursery or just a corner of your bedroom, mothers want the nursery to be warm, comforting and soothing, but still reflect their own personal tastes. The following are four guidelines on how to prepare the nursery for baby.

1) Choosing a Theme
Many mothers begin planning the nursery not long after they become pregnant, and one of the first things that should be decided upon is if there’s to be a theme to the room. Some parents wait until they discover the sex of the child so that they can tailor the theme of the room to a boy or a girl. Nursery themes are often guided by that year’s most popular colors, styles or what happens to be “in” at the time. Some popular, and timeless, nursery themes include: Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit, the Flopsy Bunnies), nursery rhyme themes (Jack and Jill, Cow Jumped over the Moon), farm, jungle or ocean animals, Western, celestial icons and so many more. The theme of the room is limited only by your imagination.

2) Choosing Furniture
Choosing the furniture for the baby’s room is perhaps more important then the overall theme; even if you only have a corner of your master bedroom for baby you’ll still need furniture. If you have the luxury of having a large bedroom for the nursery you can fill it with a crib, a dresser, changing table, laundry hamper, comfortable rocking chair, and a wardrobe or something else for storage. Even with limited space you’ll still need a crib or cradle and a changing table. The furniture you choose for the baby’s room can be utilitarian or whimsical, inexpensive or custom made. Like the theme of the room, your choice of furniture is limited only by your budget and your imagination.

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